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Daily Lesson -- February 02, 2004

World Geography 9

Chapter 20 Quiz Now Online!

  • Students should practice online quiz frequently.  Remember, log in with the username and password given in class last Friday.  If you've forgotten, see me!

New Work for Today:

  • Students will begin working on a map of Sub-Saharan Africa in class today.  The map is to be labeled with the items listed: 

    Serengeti Great Rift Valley Sahara Desert Congo Basin
    Namib Desert Kalahari Desert Ethiopian Highlands Lake Chad
    Lake Chad Lake Tanganyika Kilimanjaro Okavango Delta
    Ruwenzori Mts Congo River Zambezi River Indian Ocean
    Madagascar Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea  
  • Students will need colored pencils.  Maps will be graded on both neatness and accuracy, therefore considerable time should be taken to complete the assignment.

  • Due tomorrow: at the end of class!

U.S. History 11

Chapter 16 Practice Quiz will be put online sometime Monday, February 2nd.  Check back.

New Work for Today:

  • Review Chapter 16 Section 1 Dictators Threaten World Peace pp. 542-547.  Complete items 1-4 p. 547.  Terms and names need a "good explanation", you're not trying to see how few words you can use.  Item 4 should be a couple of paragraphs minimum.

  • Due tomorrow: beginning of class!

Web Design 1

Students are continuing completion of Web Design Project 4 -- due in two weeks.

  • Students are responsible for providing their own 1.44 meg floppy disks.

  • More detailed assignment sheets will be handed out to the students in class on Wednesday, Feb 3rd.

Current Work:

  • Individual work on Project 4.