Group Projects

Student Group Projects

All projects assigned in this category will require time outside of the regular classroom setting.  Students should always get started on any project work quickly, and allow a little time each day for them in order to not stress themselves about the project.

  • Collaborative (group) work provides students to pool their knowledge, skills, and efforts to collectively create a single project or product.  The final product is varied depending upon the unit of study, however, virtually all collaborative projects incorporate presenting the finds to the class.

  • Generally, collaborative projects will include four or five students in each group (sometimes chosen by the students) with each student being responsible for a specific component or part of the project.

  • The majority of the grades earned on collaborative work (75%) is recorded as an individual grade with the remaining 25% being a shared grade received by all in the group.  This allows students to experience group activities without having the overall project grades adversely affected by a student in the group not performing to a satisfactory level.

  • Detailed instructions are sent home when projects are assigned to help parents be able to assist and monitor the student's work.  Occasionally these instructions might request a parent signature to verify that the instruction packet has been reviewed by a parent.

Project Deadlines - A Must

It is extremely important that students meet the deadlines for all projects. 

  • Students must be present the day their group is to present -- how can an individual present part of a group presentation on another day and effectively help the group?

  • Projects must be completed on or before the due dates. It is always difficult to schedule makeup days for late presentations because the class is beginning a new unit of study.

  • Projects are a significant part of the overall grade in class, because the final product demonstrates a high level of understanding of the materials covered.


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