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Class Rules

Each teacher establishes guidelines for acceptable/expected behavior within their classrooms and are often unique with  each.  Students are expected to follow the class rules given by the teachers within each of those classes.  Listed below are the rules in effect at all times in my classes.

Students will:

  • Always be in their seats when the tardy bell rings or they will be marked tardy for the class.

  • Never have food and drinks (including water bottles).

  • Not bring any portable electronic device to class (except pocket calculators) unless cleared first by the teacher.  Any such items will be confiscated by teacher and returned to student at the end of that school day, or the next morning (any item confiscated more than once, will be turned over to the office).

  • Always sit in their assigned seats (students may not randomly choose to move).

  • Not talk when anyone else is addressing the class (whether it is the teacher, a guest speaker, or another student).

  • Not interrupt the teacher when talking with other student(s).

  • Not borrow or use books or supplies of other students, nor allow other students to use theirs.

  • Never leave the classroom without the teacher's permission and have either the Hall Pass or a request note from the office.

  • Attend regularly, and be responsible for obtaining any missing work either online or from a Study Buddy in class.

  • Always be responsible for their own actions in the class.

  • Maintain a positive attitude in class, both towards the teacher and fellow students.

Students failing to follow these rules may lose class privileges (attending field trips, attending assemblies, etc.),  or receive lowered citizenship grades.