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Standards / Requirements

Scholarship grades are based upon grades received on work assigned and completed.  Full credit for the work is given only to work submitted when due, late work is marked down (except for legitimate absences).

  • Grades are divided into  weighted categories in the grade book with each category worth a percentage of the total class grade .
  • All work given in class is placed in one of these categories, allowing all students to maximize their varied talents.
  • Assignments are weighted within each category based upon the point value of the assignment entered.
  • Grades are posted by student ID number regularly.  There should be no surprises on grade day.


  10%  Text/Class work
  10%  Notes/Research
  20%  Projects / Presentations
  10%  Writing Assignments
  10%  Quizzes
  10%  Exams
  20%  Final Exam
  10%  EOCE

There are no extra credit assignments given in this class.  Students are encouraged to do their best on all assigned work, and exceptional projects, presentations, etc. might receive additional points.

The scale used for all grading in my classes and comment codes used on progress reports can be found on the Grade Scale - Comment Codes page. Grade are recorded in the computer and no grades are rounded up to the next highest grade (for example:  an 89.9% will not be rounded up to 90.0%).

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