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Daily Work

Assignments / activities online

Listed to the left, you will find monthly calendars through which you will be able to link to pages showing daily assignments and activities assigned in class.   Calendars will be updated weekly, and there might be occasional changes made, therefore you should check back from time to time.  Hopefully this will help you to continually be aware of what the students are doing in this class.

  • All work assigned and collected is graded and returned to students.
  • Students are to keep all returned assignments in their binders.
  • Letter grades are never placed on the assignments.  Grades are shown in fraction format, to find percentage score, divide the top number by the bottom one.
  • Please monitor their work regularly.

Using the assignment calendars

  • Click the specific date you need to acquire assignments and activities.
  • Items are not active online unless they are underlined and colored blue.
  • Holidays and other days school is not in session will be highlighted to facilitate your planning.
  • All work will remain online for the entire school year, allowing students to complete all work.