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Students will receive both scholarship and citizenship grades for this class.  Each semester is divided into three grading periods (see Scholarship Grades to the left for calendar of dates).  The first two Progress Reports are cumulative totals of all work completed in the semester up to the week that the Progress Report is distributed.  The final grading period of each semester (January  and June) are Report Cards and are recorded on the student's official transcript.

Regular attendance and satisfactory completion of all work given help ensure a passing grade in the class. Students are responsible for all work given and are expected to submit it on the due date assigned. Additional class rules may be found here:

  • Students are expected to submit their work on time, and to follow all instructions that have been given.
  • Students are not to copy other students' work, nor to allow other students to copy theirs.
  • Regular attendance is extremely important and excessive tardies affect not only the citizenship grade but also hinders a student from attaining the most out of the class academically.

Grades Posted Online

Grades will be posted online regularly, by student ID.  Along with current class grades, you will also have access to Progress Report grades (by class) and distribution charts so you will be able to see how well you've done in comparison with other students.

Grades are Cumulative

All work that a student is assigned (and that is graded) is factored into final grade, whether it is the first, second, or final grading period of the semester.  If a student misses work, it is counted as a zero in the grade book and remains throughout the semester if not completed.