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Technology in the Classroom

Technology Information

This page will be devoted to providing information about new trends  in  technology that will have impact upon the educational system.  Articles will be featured on this page from time to time so check back often.  Items that will be covered include, but certainly won't be limited to the following:

  • What is a good entry level computer for students... and no, you don't have to mortgage the house to purchase one.
  • Build your own system (or pay a friend or high school student to do it for you) and have it "your way and cheaper".
    • Check out the latest "Computer Edge" online -- price and build your own systems or get valuable hints from Digital Dave, in words that the average person can understand.

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If you have ideas of things you would like to see on this page, don't hesitate to send them in.  All input will be considered, and if I have the time, it will be posted.  Simply use the [Contact Info] below.