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Collaborative and individual learning

  • Special projects will be completed during the school year, some of which are collaborative (group work) and others are to be completed individually.
  • All projects, whether collaborative or individual, are recorded in the Projects Category of the grade book and represent 20% of the student's total class grade.  It is most important that they be completed on time.
  • Normally students will have a minimum of two to three weeks to complete a project and class time will be allowed for research and using the computer labs (as available on campus).
  • Students will need to spend additional time outside of the classroom to successfully complete these projects.

Formative Assessment

The various projects completed in the class will allow me to better understand the students' abilities to work with others, to assume individual as well as group responsibilities, and ultimately to have an additional way to assess their grades for the class.

  • Most all project work, whether group or individual, will require some type of presentation to the class.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize technology when they can to better present their final product to include, but not limited to, PowerPoint presentations and videos.  Some more knowledgeable students might want to complete small scale web pages to present their projects.