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What is the fastest and easiest way to contact me?

  • Email.  Simply click the [Contact Info] at the bottom of any page throughout this web site. 

Are student names / photos ever placed on this web site?

  • No!  It has been my policy, for student privacy, never to include them.

Will grades or other "confidential" information be given out by email?

  • No!  Email will be used only for general correspondence.

How do parents / students find their grades online if names aren't listed?

  • Grades are posted online as in class, that is, using only their student ID numbers (listed on ID Cards and progress reports sent home).

If appointments for conferences are needed, how are they made?

  • Conferences are arranged through the counseling center, call 619.691.5640 for assistance.

Are students allow to make up work?

  • Yes!  Full credit in the event of absences, partial credit for late work (up to a certain point).

Are students allowed to do extra credit assignments or projects?

  • No!  Extra credit work is not given, nor accepted.  However, students may earn additional points (extra credit) on assigned work, projects, or exams by demonstrating a serious amount of time and effort above and beyond what was expected.

How much homework is there, and how often is it given?

  • Generally students should figure 20-25 minutes Monday through Thursday.  Of course this varies depending upon student ability, how well class time is managed, and the type of work assigned.  Generally no homework is given over the weekends or holidays.

How are grades recorded and how often are they updated?

  • Grades are recorded in a computer data base and are updated on a regular basis (generally once a week)!

How do I get copies of daily assignments or projects given during a student's absence?

  • Each day's class work is posted on [Daily Work] page on this web site.  Handouts and items given to students in class will be uploaded and saved as PDF documents.  The PDF documents will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  Download for free from my home page.

How many times may students take the practice online quizzes and exams?

  • Students may access and practice the quizzes and exams as often as they like.  The questions randomize the answers each time they take the quiz or exam.

Are the online quizzes and exams the same ones that will be given in class?

  • No!  They include most of the key points / concepts and will allow students to improve their scores.  There is still no substitution for reading the text, reviewing their notes, and studying on a regular basis!