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Ask! Ask! Ask!

"...just the facts ma'am, just the facts"

Just as Sgt. Joe Friday of "Dragnet" fame constantly had to pry for facts by asking question after question, so becomes the role of a parent sending a child to middle school.  Listed below are ways in which you, the parent, can help ensure that your student is successful in school and ultimately performs well on the CAT6.

  • Encourage and model reading, organizational skills, and positive work habits at home (children copy what they observe).

  • Ensure that your student arrives at school on time in the morning and try to schedule doctor or dental appointments after school hours.  Regular attendance is critical for maintaining a high level of academic achievement, especially in classes where collaborative assignments are given.

  • Balance involvement in extra curricular activities (music, dance, theater, team sports, etc.) with school.

  • Provide a quiet, organized, and accessible study place for the student at home.

  • Monitor student work consistently checking to see if it fulfills the assignment requirements, is completed, is done neatly, and has the student's first and last name on it.

  • Monitor regularly  current work listed online (if students know you know what they are expected to do, they will be more likely to complete it).

  • Read and return promptly all forms that are distributed by teachers and administrators.

  • Have a common place (ie., on the refrigerator, a counter, a desk, etc.) where all school correspondence is to be placed.

  • Insist upon having your student's binder, backpack, and room be organized, neat and orderly at all times.

  • Communicate with teachers to alert or avert potential situations (remember, as coins have two sides, so do most accounts of events).

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