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Individual Projects

Student Individual Projects

Most projects assigned in this category will require time outside of the regular classroom setting.  Students should always get started on any project work quickly, and allow a little time each day for them in order to not stress themselves about the project.

  • Occasionally students will complete individual projects.  These will vary in nature, but as a general rule, will require substantial out of class time doing research.

  • Students will be given multiple options for creating original projects and are encouraged to use videos, music, computers, and any other media that might enhance the final presentations.

  • Sometimes the individual projects will be submitted in the format of written papers or reports.  These will be expected to be typed or completed on a computer.  Students not having access to computers or typewriters at home will be given opportunities to use the ones at school.

  • As with a group project, an individual one will also be recorded in the Project Category of the grade book, therefore it is extremely important that quality time and effort be utilized when completing them.

Project Deadlines - A Must

It is extremely important that students meet the deadlines for all projects. 

  • Since there will generally be some type of presentation to the rest of the class, it is important that they be completed and ready to go on the due date.

  • It is always difficult to schedule makeup days for late presentations because the class is beginning a new unit of study.

  • Projects are a significant part of the overall grade in class, because the final product demonstrates a high level of understanding of the materials covered.


> Instruction Sheets
Listed in this box, will be links to PDF files to allow students to download additional copies of instructions handed out during class.

> Sample Projects
Eventually, there will be links placed here of some of the projects that students have done.  Names of students will not be displayed.